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Welcome to Wiseguy Blackjack! My name is Steve and you have entered my new Blackjack site. I love to play Blackjack! Hell, I just love to gamble, period. But, Blackjack is my favorite game. It is also a game that can be won on a consistent basis, if you are willing to put in the work required to be a winner more often than not. I talk about Blackjack with just about anyone who will listen - usually over drinks. One day a friend of mine said "Steve why don't you quit bugging us with all of this Blackjack talk and start a website about it instead?" So, here it is. I do hope you enjoy it and learn something about the game of Blackjack along the way.

Why Wiseguy Blackjack?

The answer to that question is that I had to name the site something and all the other names were already taken. Ok. Maybe I am not being completely honest. I wanted a name that was catchy and fun. And, when deciding how to construct a website that would acutally help gamblers play blackjack better, I had to come up with a profile, if you will, of what the make-up is of a successful gambler, someone who plays the game and comes out ahead most of the time.

All of us have known people who just seem to be lucky at Blackjack and gambling in general. My wife's grandfather was one of these individuals. A guy you who would tell you stories you just knew were not true. A person that just has to be full of shit. But, every time you are around them, they win! You tell yourself - and others that he or she is just a lucky bastard. A wiseguy.

However, the truth could not be more different. We would go to the horse races with my wife's grandfather and he would win. Every time. We called him lucky. But, only I knew that he got up at 5:00 a.m., before anyone else was awake, and drove to the nearest convenience to pick up the daily racing form. He studied the statistics on each horse in each race for at least two hours before the rest of us had eaten breakfast! And this is what a wiseguy does. He studys more than the rest. He figures out all of the angles and odds. He spends more time reading everything he can about the game he wants to play than the rest do. In short he puts in more effort.

Paul "Bear" Bryant, the legendary coach of the Alabama football team used to say that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. And so it is with the wiseguy. It is my mission to turn you all in to gambling wiseguys.

What Can You Teach Me About Playing Blackjack

I intend to teach you how to become a winning player. Along the way, I will include my observations on how the game of Blackjack has changed over the past thirty(yes, 30) years. A few stories about my experiences playing Blackjack over the years in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, the riverboats in Lousiana and some of the Indian reservation casinos scattered across the American southwest. A few of my gambling friends have offered to write a few articles with tips, other information that I feel will help you, and their own personal insights and experiences.

What about Blackjack Strategies? Is there a correct way to play Blackjack?

There is a correct way to play each hand in Blackjack. It is called the Blackjack Basic Strategy. We, my friends and I, will teach this strategy. Later, after the basic blackjack strategy has been mastered, we can teach you advanced strategies that make changes in your decision making based upon rule changes made by individual casinos that offer casino Blackjack.

What about Blackjack Card Counting? Isn't that supposed to be how you win at Blackjack?

Card counting will be covered as well. But, only after we have completely introduced the basice strategies for actual game play. Card counting is not for everyone. It really is not that hard to learn. However, their are many different Blackjack card counting systems. Rest assured they will all be covered. Just be aware that counting cards in a casino while playing blackjack with a full table is a lot different than practicing at home. Just one mistake counting cards can defeat any advantage gained. I know many players who do not count cards for just that reason. They use other strategies and advanced theories to gain an advantage over the casino.

What are these other Blackjack strategies and how will they help me?

Examples of some of these other Blackjack strategies revolve around the affect that automatic shufflers have upon the cards being dealt and the theory of card clumping. These ideas will be covered in detail.

What about Online Blackjack?

Yes, you can play Blackjack online. We will list the online casinos that offer online Blackjack and give you our opinions as to the type of game the present to you. It important to remember that just link in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Riverboat casinos and those on the Indian reservations - not all online Blackjack games are created equal. You need to be aware of the rule changes. I will help to tell a good game from a bad one and how to adjust your play accordingly.

Please refer to the menu on the left. You will find links to articles to help you learn more about Blackjack it will help you to navigate our site.