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Why Play Free Blackjack?

Are you thinking about playing free blackjack? I can certainly understand why you might want to. Now, a number of you must be thinking to yourselves "why would Free Blackjack anyone want to play blackjack for free? Where's the thrill in playing free blackjack? How much fun can that be?

First, let me say that if you feel that way, I understand where you are coming from. Obviously, there is a big difference between playing for blackjack free and having $500 riding on the dealers next overturned card. The tension, the thrill of a win or loss are amplified when there are consequences and rewards based upon the outcome of a hand of blackjack. But, this is all relative. For some, losing $100 at a hand of blackjack is no big deal and creates no thrill at all. For others, losing $15 makes them fell sick.

However, I believe there are several good reasons to play free blackjack. Although this list is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination, I have outlined a few of them below:

When You Play Free Blackjack, You Can Learn A Lot

Above all else, you can learn a lot about the game of blackjack. If you are going to eventually bet a lot of money playing blackjack you want to become familiar with all the rules, betting situations, and strategies. Playing blackjack for free gives you the chance to get comfortable with the game of blackjack without risking any of you hard earned bankroll. I think this is important as it may help prevent you from freezing at the blackjack table or panicking when a large wager is at risk and you have an important decision to make. A lot of being a success at blackjack is selecting the least undesirable option. Playing free blackjack and practicing can give you the confidence to play correctly in a live casino setting.

Playing Free Blackjack is Fun

Some people don't care whether they win any money or not. To them, money is just a way of keeping score. Beating the game is what drives them. It would be fair to place myself at least partially in this category. I love to play free blackjack online. To me, it is a lot fun, something I enjoy greatly. I know that I can have a good time when I play free online blackjack, win or lose. Of course, I like beating the game of blackjack. But, I can play free blackjack online from the comfort of my own home and not feel bad if I make a few mistakes that cause me to lose.

Play Free Blackjack When Trying New Blackjack Strategies

If you want to try a new blackjack strategy, why not play free blackjack? If this new strategy doesn't work, it won't cost you anything. If it does work, you get comfortable with this new blackjack strategy before taking it to the casino. Playing blackjack for free also allows you to develop your own new blackjack strategies. It gives you the ability to try different "what if" scenarios in regard to blackjack betting progressions. I myself have developed several of my favorite blackjack strategies playing free blackjack online on my home office computer. You may want to try to come up with a new strategy yourself. Playing free blackjack affords you the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Are these three reasons enough for you to play free blackjack? For most, the answer is yes. When you play for free you will learn a lot about the game from how much to bet to the rules that govern it. To go along with this, free blackjack is fun to play and beneficial from a strategy development point of view. What isn't there to like about playing free blackjack?